the dry ice blaster with lowest dry ice Consumption

The weight and size may be small, but the power is outstanding. An easy to handle dry ice blaster to be used with small air compressors.

Affordable even it is only used for weekend shut down cleaning.

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enICEco Dry ice Blasting Equipment

Sales representative (Manager) for French speaking territories

To strengthen our market position in France we are searching for a creative sales representative (manager) who can work both with direct sales and support to distributors.

The candidate will be reporting to our office in Barcelona. Travel activity 100-120 days/year.
Primary customers are manufactures of parts for the automotive industry, food processing and any maintenance department for technical services.

We offer high quality cleaning technologies at competitive prices in a full range of machinery within Dry Ice Blasting, Dry Ice Production, Ultrasonic cleaning and Industrial Steam Cleaning solution.

Besides speaking French it is desired that the candidate also speak either English or Spanish.

For more information or to apply for the position then please contact Ken Jensen (

Dry ice blasting equipment for the professional user.


Click on "industries" in the menu to read and learn more about the industries where dry ice is being used..

We have taken the most advanced technology and decades of user experience into creating an unprecedented strong and user-friendly ranger of dry ice blasters. Attention is on trouble-free operation with maximum cleaning performance. Try the magic!   

Industries who benefits from dry ice blasting.

In the menu above you will find a section named "Industries" where you will find detailed information information about many of the industries that have chosen dry ice blasting to solve cleaning and maintenance issues.

It is not only removal of dirt, but also making sure that the assets or maintained for long life and in order to avoid unintentional production stops.

  • Reduction in labour cost = lower OpEx
  • Reduces wear on tooling and give longer lifetime of machines = lower CapEx
  • Reduced use of chemicals = better environment

You are more than welcome to contact us for information and experiences in the many other fields where dry ice today is being used.

Hielo Seco

intelblast IBL3000

intelblast iblmini

Extended 5 years warranty program and buy back guaranty on dry ice blasters.

Using only well known reliable industrial components from Festo and Siemens, we make sure that our equipment has a long life with reliable performance.

On all our equipment (except tear and wear parts *) we are standard offering 2 years warranty, but for the customers who want extra ease-of-mind then we offer additional 3 years warranty for a premium cost of only 0,5% of the sales list price.

Warranty cover replacement of parts only either at our facilities in Denmark or Spain. Same service is offered by our distributors world-wide.

* Tear and wear parts are rotorplate, airplates and O-rings only. Parts that will be recognized as under warranty must have been used correctly and not been damaged by use or accident.     

We offer a full range of dry ice blasters. IBLmini for low air & dry ice consumption and the IBL3000 for maximum power. Call us or one of our distributors world wide for a demonstration. 


20% back on your 10 year old blaster

Knowing that our equipment has a long life and that they will have no loss in performance after decades of operation, then we at any time offer to buy back your 10 year old second hand Intelblast machine for a price equal to 20% of what you originally paid in return for a new Intelblast dry ice blaster.